Bring your residential and construction project to life with Vision Reality! With the latest technologies we are able to create high quality 3D visualizations for you, which are indistinguishable from reality.
Our offer includes three service packages for you:

3D visualization high-end

Design your project virtually as realistic and detailed as possible. We meet your highest quality standards and are happy to implement your individual ideas and wishes. There are limitless possibilities at your disposal to make your object tangible through different architectural styles, designs and materials. You can also give your rooms your personal touch with a wide variety of design elements and individually designed decorations. Using our latest technologies, your dream project will become a virtual reality.

Outdoor visualization:from 1.197 €

Interior visualization:from 797 €

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3D Visualization Premium

With our premium visualizations we create detailed, crisp and realistic 3D visualizations for you. Various architectural styles and designs are available for the individual and high-quality design of your project. We also offer you different materials and many design elements to fill your rooms with life and make them realistic.

Outdoor visualization:from 997 €

Interior visualization:from 597 €

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3D Visualization Standard

You need a 3D visualization of your project in a timely manner at a fair price and in good quality? Then our standard package is the right one for you. We convince with speed, care and reliability. Depending on your needs, we offer different styles and furnishing options. Our standard visualizations experience a little less individuality, but convince with a high-quality, solid and practical result. Our promise of quality guarantees you the best possible photo-realistic visualization with this package as well.

Outdoor visualization:from 697 €

Interior visualization:from 397 €

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Our 3D visualization offers in comparison

Price Outside
from1.197 €
Price inside
from 797€
  • which is no longer distinguishable from reality
  • Detailed representation
  • Highest quality and individualisation standards
  • Unlimited possibilities for different styles, light settings, designs, materials, decor
Large area printing
Correction rounds
4 - 5
Required documents
Dimensioned floor plans, dimensioned elevation drawings, sketches, graphics, material specifications
Price Outside
from 997 €
Price inside
from 597 €
  • Realistic, detailed and pin sharp visualization
  • High quality standards
  • Various architectural styles, light settings, designs and materials
Large area printing
Correction rounds
Required documents
Dimensioned floor plans, dimensioned elevation drawings, sketches, graphics, material specifications
Price Outside
from 697 €
Price inside
from 397 €
  • Good quality with short processing time
  • Speed and care
  • Fair price
  • Different styles and furnishing options depending on requirements
  • Less individuality but a convincing, solid and practical result
Large area printing
Correction rounds
Required documents
Dimensioned floor plans, dimensioned elevation drawings, sketches, graphics, material specifications

We determine the final offer based on the complexity of the project as well as on your specifications, individual wishes and ideas. According to your ideas, we create both exterior and interior views as well as different perspectives.

It is best if you send us all existing planning documents, such as floor plans, site drawings, graphics, specifications of your materials or even sketches of your ideas. The more details we receive from you, the more individual and clear your visualization will be. If you provide us with usable 3D drawings as well as models, we will be happy to grant you discounts.

You are interested in a 3D visualization? Then do not hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to contact you and discuss all the details for a cost estimate.We are looking forward to your project and cooperation!


1. Small visualization package

Discount   PREMIUM 5% LUXUS 5% HIGH END 5%
Bird’s eye view 1 997 1197 1597
Pedestrian perspective 1 797 997 1297
Interior perspective 1 597 747 997
Prices, €   2391 2941 3891
Discount, €   119,55 147,05 194,55
Prices, €   2271,45 2793,95 3696,45

2. Medium visualization package

Bird’s eye view199711971597
Pedestrian perspective2159419942594
Interior perspective2119414941994
Prices, €378546856185
Discount, €264,95327,95432,95
Prices, €3520,054357,055752,05

3. Large visualization package

Discount   PREMIUM 10% LUXUS 10% HIGH END 10%
Bird’s eye view 1 997 1197 1597
Pedestrian perspective 3 2391 2991 3891
Interior perspective 3 1791 2241 2991
Prices, €   5179 6429 8479
Discount, €   517,9 642,9 847,9
Prices, €   4661,1 5786,1 7631,1

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